Community Events - Old Home Day 2017
Whitelaw Presbyterian Church, Canastota, New York


Well folks not long now!!

Whitelaw Old Home Day 59th annual is August 5th.


A place where you can bring the whole family for free entertainment all day 
and enjoy friends and relatives you haven't seen in awhile. 


The day starts off with delicious coffee and breakfast sandwiches at 9am.


Grand parade at 11.


12-1:30 enjoy "Genesee Ted",a women's group who take you down memory lane.


1:30-2:30 homemade hat contest judged by self proclaimed "Duke & Dutchess of Johnstown" check out on Facebook ,"That Lil Hat" for inspiring story.


2:00 Frog jumping contest followed by watermelon seed spitting contest. 2:30-3:30 Jerry Yerman ( guitar& vocal)


3:30-4:00 Andrew Davis "Elvis" 4:00-6:00 Johnny Carlo Trio (oldies everyone will be singing) 4:00-7:00 Bach-Dunbar Chicken BBQ


6:00-7:00 Auction with Rick Stevens


7:00-8:00 prize giveaways such as newest newly weds, youngest and oldest in attendance, oldest Wed, who came the farthest, longest beard,etc.


8:00-9:00 Lip Sync is back. Looking for competitors call Dennis Tobin at 315-374-9041.


9:00-9:45 Jeffrey Hinman (country music's finest)


9:45 Erick D. Stevens Memorial Fireworks (SPECTACULAR)


So my friends please share this with all your friends and their friends.

We want the biggest turnout in history!!!





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